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Hi, friends!  I’m so excited that Fall weather has finally graced us in Delaware, and it feels like it’s here to stay for at least a few weeks (fingers crossed).  There is so much to love about this time of year – from the clothes (plaid, sweaters, and scarves? Yes, please!) to warm, nature-inspired hues to soothing mugs of mulled apple cider.  Everything about the Autumn season feels so cozy.

This weekend, I decided it was time to Fall-ready our front porch, so I picked up a cart full of hearty mums in deep shades of yellow, orange, and burgundy, along with a few pumpkins in varying shapes and sizes to line our front steps.  The only thing missing was a big, bountiful Fall wreath to hang on our door.  Although there are a lot of pretty and affordable store-bought wreath options available, I was having trouble finding one in the exact style I wanted – bold and colorful, but not too country or too modern.  I decided a DIY option was my best option (as is so often the case)!

Here is how I assembled my easy DIY Fall wreath:


To start, I laid out all of my supplies.  The options and variations are endless, but in general, you will need a base wreath of some sort (I used a traditional grapevine wreath that you can pick up at any craft store), artificial foliage, flowers, berries, etc. (you can really use your imagination here and have fun experimenting with colors and textures), a cutting tool to trim the foliage (wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors work best), and floral wire (available at craft stores) to secure stems in place.  It may also be helpful to have a hot glue gun on standby, depending on the size and shape of your accouterments, but I didn’t need to use one, since the stems I chose were larger and could be tucked securely into the grapevine wreath without the aid of an adhesive.

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I started by affixing grassy pieces of wheat around the wreath to serve as a backdrop for the brighter foliage.  My basic plan for the wreath was to have the foliage radiating out from a focal point in the lower right segment of the wreath.  I wanted a look that was random, but controlled (i.e. not a perfectly repeating pattern around the entire circle).  The grapevine wreath was a very user-friendly canvas; most of the stems could be inserted simply by pushing them into the desired area, and they stayed snugly in place as-is, without the need to affix them further.  To secure any stems that felt like they might wiggle around if left to their own devices, I cut a small length of floral wire (about 6 inches) and wrapped it around the stem (photo 1 above) and out the back side of the wreath, pulling the wire taut against the stem to hold it in place (photo 2).  I twisted the ends of the wire together several times (photo 3), cut off the excess, and tucked the end into the back of the wreath.  Below is a photo of the wreath with all of the wheat/grass in place.


Now, for some color!  I repeated this process several times with varying styles and shades of Fall foliage, trying to keep the arrangement of shapes and colors random in a way that was pleasing to the eye.

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Once all of the foliage was in place, I added groupings of brightly-colored flowers, berries, and wispy orange grasses (a little whimsy here goes a long way to keep the overall arrangement from looking too stuffy).


For a finishing touch, I tied a long ribbon around the top of the wreath into a loose, cascading bow, and there you have it – a lovely and deceivingly simple DIY Fall wreath.  The best part?  Your neighbors will never know you threw it together in less time than it takes to watch one of your shows on Netflix.  Shhh – we won’t tell! :)


I hope you all give this DIY a try.  Feel free to tag me in your Instagram photos (@startingoutinstyle) or on Twitter (@StartingOIStyle) – I’d love to see your awesome Fall-fabulous creations!

Happy crafting,


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